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Letters to the Editor
Apr 27, 2010 | 5480 views | 2 2 comments | 42 42 recommendations | email to a friend | print
(Editor’s Note: Councilman Paul Shealy sent the following message to Mayor and Council in advance of Monday’s meeting on relocating the Law Enforcement Center.)

His message follows


This is in response to citizens' concerns and Council's opposition to the (twice voted and passed) proposal for the building of the new LEC on Perkins Memorial Field at a cost of 9.5 million dollars. Speaking as a representative of the citizens of Warner Robins, I would like to propose the following option:

Phase 1: Building the new LEC on the second architectural location choice,

Prince Street (land that the city owns). Use the 5 million plus interest dollars that the SPLOST is generating and construct and complete the exterior of the original two-story design and finish only the first floor interior of the approximately 25,000 square feet.

Phase 2: Complete the 2nd story as the city has the revenue to finish it.

By staging construction of the new LEC in this manner, our police could utilize the 1st floor and still have the old police building in close proximity to use until the City has the revenue to complete the second story.

This plan would also afford quicker access to our municipal office complex and help in our continued efforts to revitalize this area of our city. This option will show our respect for and appreciation to our law enforcement personnel with a new facility, show our citizens that their mayor and council are fiscally responsible, and confirm your statement to citizens that we truly are looking into options other that the Foodmax facility alone.


Paul Shealy

Gadbois fails to see the bigger picture


I see that Mr. Gadbois is up to his old tricks in today's opinion page (04/21/10). He tries to brand the "Tea Party" as some kind of formal, organized political organization largely made up of extremist racists who want to overthrow the government. Your headline writer is complicit in his barrage of mis-information by labeling the tea-partiers as "anarchists".

Nothing could be further from the truth. I consider myself a tea partyer and have no desire to overthrow the government, I am definitely not a racist. All I want is for the current administration to stop this absurd spending spree that it's on, repeal this mis-guided effort to "reform" health care (the bill does nothing to achieve this goal, which should have been to reduce health care costs, not force health insurers into bankruptcy), and stop this insane march toward taking over the whole damn economy.

And yes, I do want to keep my Medicare and Social Security benefits. And what's wrong with that? Sure they are a drain on our budget, but that is Congress' fault because thay choose not to maintain the trust funds that were set up to fund them. Even with the current mismanagement of these programs, to fix them would be easy if we had any politicians with guts. Raise the eligibility age for both programs, remove income caps on tax contributions to these programs, and then get out of the way. Now how hard is that?


Warner Robins

Council decision

frustrates Williams


I just want to express my dismay in regard to the outcome of Monday’s council meeting.

You may remember a few meeting back we voted to proceed with the Law (Enforcement) Center on the Perkins field location, however councilman (Tom) Simms voted against the move and asked to look into the FoodMax as a possible site to consider. Mayor Shaheen had Mark Baker (city purchasing agent) look around the state to see if he could locate a situation like ours where an abandoned building had been renovated. He was able to locate one in Henry County and several of us went up at our own expense to see what they had done. I took (Police) Chief (Brett) Evans and Major (John) Wagner with me (and) they were both favorably impressed and so was I.

When we returned home I contacted Ginny Wyatt with Fickling Walker in regard to the FoodMax building on Russell. After negotiating what I thought would be a fair price for the property, I contacted the architect, JMA from Perry and local builders ICB who were our original players in the project.

I told them both of the proposed plan, had the architect do the floor plans and renderings and the builders contact all trades involved. They had all parties concerned work on this project in a limited time frame to bring the numbers back to make this project fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of our city.

As a result of the efforts of these responsible and concerned individuals we were able to put together a package that would result in the police department having the facilities they need, for the money the voters approved to spend in as few as six months.

At Monday’s meeting, councilman Simms reversed his decision and this time voted to try and find another location even if it cost the taxpayers $5 million additional and takes maybe five years to complete.

We do need a facility now, not in five years and five million dollars later.

It all makes me wonder where were all the concerned voters that will be picking up the tab for this squandering of their tax dollars.

No wonder the world is in the shape it is.


City Councilman

(Editor’s Note: Evidently Mr. Williams really was upset. He sent us his “artist rendering” Simms as an attachment to his letter.)

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john williams
January 22, 2014
Ms Maine, this preliminary work was done at no cost to the citizens of warner robins,

john williams
Helen Maine Green
January 22, 2014
I like initiative, but I wonder under what authority (authorization) was given to Mr. Williams without council vote to have "the architect do the floor plans and renderings and the builders contact all trades involved....." and have "all parties concerned work on this project in a limited time frame to bring the numbers back to make this project fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of our city."

Shouldn't expenditures for architects and contractors be authorized by council vote before work proceeds?

And what other expenditures have been made by this administration without council vote.