Reserve Command announces ‘one-stop shopping’ point

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE – Air Force Reserve Command is creating what is being called a “one-stop shopping” point to handle requests for resources and services.

The new Force Generation Center will act as the primary agency for determining who gets people and in what numbers. It will open initially in October within the command’s headquarters at Robins Air Force Base and be fully operational by the end of 2012, say Reserve Command officials.

“The center is expected to increase the availability of Air Force Reserve capability through greater insight into all tiers of manpower, streamlined deployment processes and faster response to Air Force and combatant command requirements,” Col. Greg Vitalis pointed out in a Tuesday announcement from the command. Vitalis is the lead planner for the new initiative.

The concept is based on lessons learned from a decade of deployments during which reserve components have filled an increasingly vital and front-line role in the continuing war on terror. The center will track unit availability as well as the tempo and timing of reserve resources. It will also develop better predictability for individual reservists, their families and their employers, said officials.

Brig. Gen. William Binger, who will be the new center’s commander, said the new venture will allow the command to better care for its people.

“Also, we’re building a better partnership with the other Air Force major commands and combatant commands,” he is quoted in the press release. “We’re going to be the one-stop shop to fill war-time taskings. Everyone will know where to request reserve help and how those reservists will get to where they’re needed.”

About 74,000 reservists in various categories are assigned to the command along with more than 4,200 civilians. The command’s Web site says it currently provides about 20 percent of the Air Force’s capability while consuming only four percent of the Air Force budget.

There is no indication that the Force Generation Center will increase manning at the Robins-based headquarters.

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