Robins CCP a critical lifeline for warfighters
by Gene Rector
Energy dissipating pads and parachutes may not sound like items critical to America's warfighters overseas. But they are vital lifelines and the Consolidation and Containerization Point at Robins Air Force Base is largely responsible for them.

The local CCP has received, consolidated, packed and shipped 54,434 parachutes and more than 21,000 energy dissipating pads since it became operational this year.

The items are critical for the precision dropping of supplies to troops in isolated locations in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also critical because they decrease the number of resupply convoys that must use hostile roadways.

Robert Stewart, the CCP division, said the wartime impact of the Robins mission has been significant.

"We supported 5,162 airdrop missions that delivered more than 31,000 tons of material from January through September of this year," Stewart reported. "Just imagine how many convoys that eliminated."

The CCP is part of the Strategic Distribution Platform established at Robins earlier this year in compliance with directives issued by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The Robins site is one of four in the nation.

The Robins platform supplies all military branches including four regional Defense Logistics Agency activities.

"We're like a 'super store," pointed out Debra McBeath, the deputy director for DLA Distribution Warner Robins.

More than 40 percent of the local workload supports various activities and units at Robins and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. The remainder covers bases in the country and overseas.

Inventory at the massive Robins facility approaches $12 billion but there is a constant churn and turnover. More than one million receipts and issues have occurred this year. Up to 24 trucks deliver cargo daily. From 18 to 25 trucks depart daily.

The Robins platform and its 400 workers are part of a extensive, worldwide DLA network that services all service branches, other federal agencies and allied forces with a full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technical services.

The DLA fact sheet says the agency provides nearly 100 percent of consumables used by the nation's military along with 80 percent of the military's spare parts.

DLA employs 27,000 civilian and military workers, manages eight supply chains and five million items and operates in 48 states and 28 countries.

But Stewart believes his local CCP function is especially noteworthy and critical.

"We're saving lives. It's that simple," he said. "We provide 90 percent of all the parachutes used in the field. So if troops are being resupplied by air, it's a good bet it's because of what we do here."

Stewart said his 27 people are keenly aware of the importance of their jobs.

"A lot of them are veterans," he said. "Some have deployed to those locations. Some have been shot at. So they know the importance of the mission."

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